Supercharged Staking Rewards on WSBT

Hongkong — August 9th, 2021 (Medium)

Staking on Wall Street Bets Token has started on azbit. Any WSBT Token that will be deposited onto the azbit Exchange will be eligible to earn Supercharged Staking Rewards. For the Soft Staking mechanism to work, there is no need to lockup your Token nor delegate them to any Staking Pool.

Our mission is to create a vibrant, decentralized voting platform and Token that is powered by participants. To enable this, WSBT, the first Token to direct a Hedge Funds investment decision, enables participants to earn rewards by holding the Token as well as by using it as soon as the voting platform starts to function.

How many rewards can I earn?

In the first period after Staking launch, you can earn up to 96% (APY) supercharged bonus rewards! All accounts that hold unlocked tokens and deposit them onto the azbit Exchange are eligible for these rewards, simply by depositing the Token onto your Wallet at the azbit Exchange.

How will the rewards be distributed?

You will automatically receive the staking rewards in your Wallet once a month. We are currently investigating the possibility to have an even shorter payment period, but for the start, you will receive a monthly payment.

Are any other venues offering Staking reward?

Not for the time being. Staking is only enabled through the azbit Exchange.

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About Wall Street Bets Token

Founded by Ex-Investment Banker Kaneko Yukinaga, Wall Street Bets Token has created the innovative Platform Project that will link the Crypto World to Wall Street. WSBT will be the first Utility Token that is actively able to decide investments of a Hedge Fund investing in stocks, creating Hedge Fund 2.0. Find more information about the Token on

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