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“I have a dream” I thought as GME was skyrocketing towards 400$ and Melvin Capital, Citron Research and other Hedge Funds where suffering from huge losses on a position that probably was only designated to get 1–2% of each funds performance. The tricky thing about short selling is and will always be that you can potentially loose an infinite amount by being short whereas being long you can only loose the amount you invest in. Gabriel Plotkin and Andrew Left had to feel that on their own skin. Even as experienced traders you can get bankrupt by a 4-sigma event…

Hongkong — August 9th, 2021 (Medium)

Staking on Wall Street Bets Token has started on azbit. Any WSBT Token that will be deposited onto the azbit Exchange will be eligible to earn Supercharged Staking Rewards. For the Soft Staking mechanism to work, there is no need to lockup your Token nor delegate them to any Staking Pool.

Our mission is to create a vibrant, decentralized voting platform and Token that is powered by participants. …

Hongkong — June 20th, 2021 (Medium)

Wall Street Bets Token

The Wall Street Bets Token (WSBT) launch is complete. We distributed 15.25mio Token and received Total proceeds of U$ 4.1mio. We thank the global crypto community for believing in our platform, working through this new process with us, and for the continued support.

Welcome to Hedge Fund 2.0.

The Roadmap is still full of major milestones ahead of us and this is only the very beginning of a long successful story. We are working hard on the first Beta version of the voting platform and keep you posted about the developments.

Next big milestone… today announced Nicole Eric Cabunillas joining the Wall Street Bets Token Development Team as Full Stack Developer. Nic is an experienced developer and worked both in the Hedge Fund industry developing Algo Trading Strategies as well as in the Crypto Industry developing a successful Crypto Trading Engine in Japan. Nic comes with a great experience and knowledge and will reinforce the Wall Street Bets Platform Development Team in a fantastic way.

Please join us in welcoming Nic to the Team. recently announced two further Team Members that joined the WSBT project, Khanh Vu, Blockchain Analyst and Community Manager… today announced a slight delay into starting the ICO Crowdsale Funding Round that was originally planned to be running throughout the month of May. As the Pre-ICO was also delayed by 15 days we will gain enough time to finalise all Pre-ICO contracts that are still pending. A new Website will also be deployed by May 15th.

New ICO dates are May 15th to June 15th 2021.

The Telegram Airdrop that is currently running will also be extended to May 14th, 2021. A total of 50 Winners will be announced and will receive up to 1'000 WSBT Token. …

Pre-ICO Sale: Extended until April 15th, 2021

Today, Wall Street Bets Token announced that it will push back the pre-sale dates in order to accommodate overwhelming demand from a diversified community of supporters, not just large early investors.

In addition to sophisticated crypto investors, traditional tech angels and venture capital investors that have been inquiring to join the Pre-ICO by purchasing the WSBT Token, a large number of retail investors have showed interest to buy the WSBT at Pre-ICO level.

We’ve decided to push back our date for subscription to give us more time to accommodate the overwhelming demand. Our…

Thank you for featuring WSBT. Pre-ICO is at 0.20$ and ends on March 31st. ICO will be in May with a Token Price at 0.42$.

Kaneko Yukinaga

Ex-Investment Banker and Passionate Crypto Enthusiast

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